Change is: constant, thrilling, progression, life.

inspirational-quote-change-1I used to feel uneasy when anything would change in my life. I generally was overcome with nostalgia and sadness when something would end or change. When I started practicing yoga I was subconsciously looking for something. I was searching for something that would bring more meaning into my life. At first, my practice was all centered around the asanas or physical postures. If you would have told me that yoga would bring me confidence, mindfulness and acceptance I wouldn’t have believed you. Yoga changed my life and my purpose for the better. I like to say that yoga found me. It found me at a time in my life when I truly needed some positive change. There was a lot of toxicity in my life at the time I walked into The Yoga Gallery over 4 years ago. I worked in an industry that was rooted in physical appearance, judgement and unhealthy habits. I was lost in what I wanted to do for a living. I felt like I had no true purpose. Now, one yoga class didn’t change everything all at once. It wasn’t a magical pill that just fixed everything. It was a slow journey for me. One that had many ups and downs that ultimately led me to a place of peace and self-love. Yoga was a seed that was planted in my life that slowly allowed me to grow into my true, authentic Self.

Before yoga, the idea of change would have caused me anxiety. I had a need to control the outcome of everything in life. Being in control is what made me feel stable and secure. Letting go of this behavior is what catapulted me into a more peaceful state. Now, I am able to accept and respond to change in a  positive way. My younger self would have crumbled at the onset of change. Not only am I open to change but I RESPECT CHANGE now.

Without change, there is no growth, progression, advancement, evolution. Instead there is only stagnation. I am on the verge of a life metamorphosis. I am open to it. I am ready for it. Impermanence and change are the only constant things in life. Why resist that? Move with the current. Flow with whatever opportunity is presented to you. Relinquish the urge to control life’s outcome. Once you find acceptance, you find peace. 1911624_10100760309630401_2145607073_n

with light, love, gratitude and a smile….

Be well. Be you.


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